Anonymous said: What job is it? and where?

It’s a call centre job. It’s home, in Bulgaria. 

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I am close to getting my first job!! I just have to successfully go through a two week German language course starting August and I will get it! I am sooo thrilled.

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Stockholm - Sweden (von Ruben Moreno Montoliu)

What Does The Fox Say ? by LosJamosh

'October Tree' by Tomi Pajunen
This Is Finland by wolfheart83
This is Finland by phalalcrocorax
North Karelia Finland by Pajunen
Aurora borealis last night (by John A.Hemmingsen)
Halo (by John A.Hemmingsen)
Winternight in Ersfjordbotn (by John A.Hemmingsen)
auroral lightpainting (by John A.Hemmingsen)
Tromtind, Mellomtind and the Milky way (by John A.Hemmingsen)
(via 500px / Buttercup Field by Eskil Hesselroth)